Centre for Customer Care (CCC) Malaysia
Achieve the Invisible Business Advantage

We have always stood by our belief that organisations can only achieve sustainable WOW! service delivery through a systematic and strategically designed Human Capital Development Plan. We like to name our project: Building a High Performance Service Organisation (BHPSO) with 2 keywords: Performance and Service, which are inseparable.

From our years of customer service enhancement consulting work with clients, the following are some reasons why organisational initiatives to develop a service culture and to achieve service excellence fail:-

  1. lack of leadership commitment and involvement
  2. too much lip service but no serious action taken
  3. senior managers, managers and those in leadership are not skilled and knowledgeable in the area of customer service/relationship management
  4. absence of a dedicated team to spearhead the customer service agenda
  5. lack of resources and minimal budget allocated to promote service excellence
  6. lack of training given to staff
  7. lack of strategic planning to promote the customer agenda
  8. training programmes conducted for staff are carried out as merely activity to fulfill KPIs set for annual training days
  9. customer service training programmes are conducted in a piece-meal manner, without a masterplan or roadmap
  10. customer service training programmes are conducted only for frontline employees and executives, but not made mandatory for Managers and Senior Managers
  11. in-house company trainers are not well-trained to deliver customer service training
..............  and the list goes on...regretfully

We like to make a special note on our BHPSO Approach. Through our extensive research into Emotional Intelligence (EQ) linked to Customer Service, we discovered and realised that the development of human capital must follow the same principles of agriculture or construction of a high rise building. In both cases, the foundation or ground work must be completed before planting or building. In fact, the foundation preparation is the most important aspect, to ensure that the plant grows and bear good fruits, and the high rise building can withstand tremors or strong winds.

Likewise, human capital must be developed in the same manner. However, we have always failed to understand that start to "build their skill-sets" without prior foundation. No wonder our employees do not really put into practice what they have taught, eventhough they are so filled with head knowledge. The reason is simple: they just do not want to do it. They just don not want to serve customers the way we want them to serve. The inner person is not ready. The heart, soul and mind are not energised and activated to serve and perform.

This is where our Foundation programmes on EQ and Character comes into the picture. Character Qualities are introduced into our EQ programme as an enabler, to assist people in their EQ development. Our EQ programme also has a special module called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) where we conduct at the end of the EQ workshop, to help people to resolve their emotional issues, that many a times, have become the main hindrance to their performance.

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