Centre for Customer Care (CCC) Malaysia
Achieve the Invisible Business Advantage

Centre for Customer Care (CCC) Malaysia is a one-stop centre established with only one single objective - to assist organisations in Malaysia and in the region to achieve maximum business profitability through service excellence. We believe that Service is the most powerful differentiating factor for businesses today. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We are in for a tough year ahead as the world begins to feel the impact of its worst economic crisis in decades and one that is set to be prolonged. Recession-stricken US is yet to see any flicker of light from the tunnel it has dug itself in and Europe is already reeling from the crunch. Analysts also doubt whether Brazil, Russia, India and China – countries touted as future economic dynamos, will be able to stem the slowdown. No country will be immune from the effects of the crisis and Malaysia, a major trading nation, has certainly been hit. Exactly how badly the full impact will be, remains to be seen.

The siren is blaring: CHANGE OR BE CHANGED! Many companies will not be able to survive 2013 and some will emerged crippled for life. What about your company? The “relentless” forces for change induced by the current economic crisis and other many factors including technology and globalisation will demand transformational leaders who can unleash more energy from employees and react to and lead change. Of utmost urgency today is to change the way we serve our customers. The saying goes: “NO CUSTOMERS, NO BUSINESS” and we better believe it. Leadership in every organisation must stop their lip service and hypocrisy, and start walking-the-talk. Bold declarations that “CUSTOMERS ARE KING; CUSTOMERS COME FIRST” can no longer remain on posters, flyers, annual reports and press releases, but must be proven with serious actions by organisations on behalf of the customers, to bring about a WOW! customer experience. If your customers do not give you a thumb’s up, then you have failed, and failed drastically.

Forget about your price-wars; forget about your mad rush for product innovations to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the market, because all these can be copied easily by your competitors. Why spend so much money on promotions and advertisement, attracting customers to your shops and outlets, just to have your untrained people, your unfriendly systems and procedures to chase your customers away? Put more focus on how you serve your customers, your people, your processes and systems; on what is important to customers. Allocate more funds to hire more qualified and service oriented personnel,  give them proper training, give them better rewards and benefits and take care of them. Most of all, maintain a strong elite team of managers who are passionate about customer service because everything rises and falls on leadership. When I say leadership, that includes the CEOs and the MDs. You are definitely part of the team. The days of staying in your ivory tower is over. Your team needs you to lead as their role model, and lead you must …..right at the front. Charge we must, like the army, but the General leads the charge, right at the front. Yes, if you take care of your customers, you will indeed WIN and SURVIVE.


We at the Centre for Customer Care (CCC) Malaysia will assist your organisation to achieve business profitability through service excellence. You can depend on us for your success. 

Dr. Allen Teh
Founder & Chief Executive Officer      



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